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Things to Do in Kakamega

  • Crying Stone Of Ilesa

    The gigantic towering basil is located in Kakamega County along the Kakamega-Kisumu RoadThe crying stone has a unique phenomenon where water streams down from its top. It’s a great wonder easily accessible by foot from the main road. A very nice place to take pictures.


  • Bull Fighting

    Bullfighting is a popular cultural activity in Kakamega County and is practiced by the exclusive community of the Abaluhya. The bullfighting culture has a huge following in Kakamega. The process involves locking bulls against each other which is normally done in a clear field whereby the crowd cheers by whistling and blowing horns. 


  • Kakamega Forest

    The Kakamega forest is located in Kakamega county‚ The forest is a habitat for many mammals including forest pigs and the Columbus monkeys. Kakamega Forest is the only tropical rainforest located in Kenya. The forest has hiking trails that accommodate camping‚ hiking‚ and bird watching.

  • Rondo Retreat

    set in Kenya's only rainforest‚ the Kakamega Forest‚ complete with endemic species of flora and fauna‚ welcomes you to make it your home for a few memorable days‚ birding‚ hiking‚ or whatever else catches your forest fancies.



  • Muliro Gardens

    The Public Park is situated at the center of Kakamega town‚ it was named after the Famous Masinde Muliro who was an abaluhya heroic leader. The park attracts both locals and tourists since it's an ideal place for garden hangouts.

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