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Cheap flights from Nairobi to Migori

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Migori County is situated in the former Nyanza Province of southwestern Kenya‚ sharing borders with Homa Bay County to the north‚ Kisii County to the northeast‚ Narok County to the southeast‚ Tanzania to the west and south‚ and Lake Victoria to the west. It also has a border with Uganda through Migingo Island in Lake Victoria. The county's largest town and administrative center is Migori. In the 2019 census‚ Migori County had a population of 1‚116‚436‚ a significant increase from the 917‚170 recorded in 2009. Located within the sugar belt wetlands of western Kenya‚ Migori County experiences a favorable climate due to its elevated altitude and the cooling influence of Lake Victoria. This makes the region a pleasant and diverse environment. The demographic makeup of the county is quite diverse‚ including Suba‚ Joluo‚ Kuria‚ Abagusii‚ Luhya‚ Somalis‚ Indians‚ Arabs‚ Agikuyu‚ and Nubians. Migori County holds strategic importance for Kenya in various ways. The Isebania border post is vital for East African economic activities‚ and the A-1 Kenya-Tanzania highway traverses the county. The Sony (South Nyanza) Sugar Company significantly impacts numerous households‚ while Lake Victoria plays a crucial role in ensuring food sustainability for the western region of Kenya. Additionally‚ the county boasts a substantial meat industry‚ thanks to ranches in Kurialand and Suna West. Migori town serves as a critical link between Kenya and Tanzania‚ functioning as the second most important commercial center in Luo-Nyanza after Kisumu. Other notable towns in Migori county include Kehancha‚ Rongo‚ Awendo‚ and Isebania in the Kuria District.

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  1. Thimlich Ohinga Thimlich Ohinga is an ancient site that showcases early dwellings‚ forts‚ and living spaces‚ offering insights into the lifestyles of the people who settled there during the initial Luo migration in South Nyanza. It's approximately an hour's drive from Migori Town.

  2. Got Kweru Got Kweru is a revered site for the Legio Maria sect‚ where their legendary founder and leader (Ondeto) is buried. This location serves as a place of worship and prayer for Legio Maria adherents.

  3. Macalder Gold Mines Situated in Nyatike‚ the Macalder gold mines provide a glimpse into the world of small-scale artisanal gold mining. Visitors can observe the methods and processes used in this industry.

  4. Sori Karungu Found on the shores of Lake Victoria near Tanzania's border‚ Sori Karungu is a charming fishing village in Migori County. It's a picturesque spot for photography‚ fishing activities‚ and enjoying the scenic beauty.

  5. Mugabo Caves Located in Nyatike‚ Mugabo Caves are natural rock formations resembling houses. This attraction offers excellent opportunities for hiking and sightseeing due to its unique composition.

  6. Gogo Falls Gogo Falls is situated in Rapogi‚ around 30 kilometers from Migori Town. It's not only a dam spillway but also an archaeological site where ancient artifacts like pottery and iron items have been discovered.

  7. Calabash Hotel Situated along Suna-Migori Road‚ Calabash Hotel provides a tranquil environment. It offers various amenities including a restaurant serving local and continental dishes‚ a well-stocked bar‚ free wifi‚ parking‚ and an airport shuttle upon request. The guest rooms are comfortable and equipped with essentials.

  8. Sunaton Hotel Sunaton Hotel provides luxury accommodation options such as budget single rooms‚ deluxe single rooms‚ and executive suites. The hotel boasts a well-maintained garden for outdoor events‚ a restaurant serving diverse cuisines‚ and modern meeting facilities.

  9. Treat House Resort Found in Rongo off the Kisii-Migori Highway‚ Treat House Resort offers spacious and clean guest rooms‚ expansive gardens for events‚ an onsite restaurant‚ a bar/lounge‚ and modern conference facilities.

  10. Migori Country Lodge Migori Country Lodge‚ a lavish establishment in Migori Town‚ features elegantly furnished guest rooms‚ top-notch conference amenities‚ an onsite restaurant serving delicious meals‚ and a well-stocked bar offering a variety of beverages.