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Cheap flights from Nairobi to Lamu



Book Cheap Flights to Lamu starting from Kshs. 9‚000

Skyward Express operates daily flights to Lamu.

Renowned for its many festivals‚ architecture‚ long sandy beaches‚ rolling sand dunes‚ turquoise seas‚ bounteous marine life‚ sea food‚ lush mangrove forests and river estuaries‚ Lamu remains a sight to behold and has been dubbed “Island of Festivals”. Donkeys still remain the main mode of transportation and the inhabitants still follow old age trades of dhow building and sailing. Skyward Express offers cheap daily flights to Lamu via Mombasa and Malindi.

Book your Nairobi to Lamu flight or Lamu to Nairobi flight with us and enjoy some sand‚ sea and fun on some of the most pristine beaches in Kenya.

Tourist attractions Include: Lamu Old Town‚ Lamu Fort‚ Mnarani Mosque‚ Riyadha Mosque and the Donkey Sanctuary. Lamu is also famous for snorkeling‚ beach picnics‚ water sports such as wind surfing and sunset sails through the mangroves.

Things to Do in Lamu

  • Day 1

    Stroll along breathtaking beaches of Lamu

    Stroll along breathtaking picturesque sandy white beaches of Lamu characterized by turquoise seas. The views are postcard perfect and strolling along these picturesque beaches in the early morning can be the perfect way to start the day.

  • Day 2

    Enjoy delicious freshly caught Seafood

    Many of the fishermen on the island also double up as some of the best grillers in town. You will find them roasting a whole array of fresh seafood in the evening from octopus tentacle to shrimp and snapper.

  • Day 3

    See and learn about the donkeys

    Walking is still the most common mode of transport in Lamu. Second to this‚ donkeys are commonplace‚ and you will see them everywhere. They are vital to life here‚ especially in some of the more remote islands of the archipelago‚ for transport‚ farming and mining. In Lamu town‚ there is a Donkey Sanctuary where you can learn more about the team and their work over the last several years. They try to rehabilitate and protect the donkeys by making sure they are not overworked or suffer from wounds from their harnesses and loads. This can be a great project to visit and support for animal lovers and anyone else interested in preserving this traditional way of life.

  • Day 4

    Ride a Dhow boat

    Lamu is popular with the traditional Arab sailing boats which are an integral part of life on the island. The calm waters around Lamu are perfect for sailing‚ and the neighbouring islands are well worth visiting for their small fishing villages‚ ancient ruins and deserted beaches. Enjoy a relaxing morning bobbing along the beautiful turquoise ocean‚ enjoying the sea air. After a day on the water‚ you sail back to Lamu town as the setting sun turns the ocean to gold.

  • Day 5

    Indulge in Swahili street food

    Most street food here is sweet or fried‚ but it is worth having an indulgent break from your usual healthy routine and tasting these delicious treats. Street food is commonly available in the morning or evening after 4pm. From the doughnut-like Kaimati‚ to the savoury Bhajis that are normally associated with South Asian cuisine‚ these tasty morsels will lure you back day after day.

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